The Charity Sector consists of organisations providing vital services to their users.  Ensuring that the charity is available to their users whilst working at the lowest feasible cost to serve is vital to maximise the returns from fundraising. This is even more important in the Pandemic with charities playing a vital role in the community working on restricted funds.

Ease of communication is key to charities.  Staff and outreach workers are typically located in geographically servicing their communities while the fund raising teams need to be contacted by their supporters via their preferred communication channel – social, email, web and phone.

Flexibility is so important to help ensure technology is rightsized with staff levels and communication costs are optimised accordingly.

Governance, key business reporting insights, efficient working processes and cost optimisation are all vital, just like any other organisation we work with.

Our work with charities is summarised below:

  • Consolidate legacy telecoms estates to reduce cost, simplify management and just make life easier.
  • Help identify cost effective ways to communicate.
  • Simplify business processes, enable a greater reach for users and supporters.
  • Create Digital Transformation strategies linked to engaging supporters.
  • Cloud Migration strategies for both telecoms and contact centre.
  • Project management support to help implement business change programmes to enhance the delivery of vital services.
  • Cost efficiency reviews and market testing.