Security breaches in any organisation can be catastrophic and extremely serious, impacting multiple areas including brand reputation, compliance investigations, blackmail threats, loss of customer confidence and regulatory fines.

Organisations are under huge pressure to evolve, adapt and be more efficient and consequently embrace new technologies to improve customer service and manage users needs. Investors and stakeholders are mandated to drive consistent growth performance, through their business whilst also ensuring due diligence and governance is in place. The penalties for security and compliance breaches for GDPR or PCI are severe.

The very nature of a more connected world of mobile first working, Internet of Things (IoT) and a flexible hybrid workplace automatically breaches the safe secure confines of a traditional office. Effective security plans are based around the need to detect, analyse, respond, investigate and report on incidents/threats.

The rapid growth of the Security market facilitates huge choice in how the security plan is implemented. The market is maturing with lots of options for organisations including Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) vendors, Security Operation Centres (SOC) outsourcers and so much more.

At Trig Point Consulting we work with our clients to help them identify, plan and adapt their security approach when implementing new technology based strategies. Our holistic impartial approach allows us to pragmatically assess, guide and advise on the whole strategy and not be restricted to technology silos.

We help our clients find the right technology partners to execute their strategic goals and support their day to day IT operational needs. Our services include:

Discovery – defining the project scope, needs analysis, security requirements, GAP Analysis & market overview.

Setting Strategy – creating the strategy, roadmap and supporting business case.

Procurement – managing the procurement including market engagement, impartial technical guidance and bidder management throughout the procurement phase.

Project Management – managing the implementation of the strategic plan.

As a small independent consultancy we care about the outcome of every project. We take pride in how we operate differently to other consultancies with our optimistic, yet pragmatic, methodical approach to help our clients succeed in implementing business change with technology integration.

If you would like a free Initial Consultancy Session with our Lead Consultant, Richard Betts please make contact via our Contact us page or email