Stability in a Changing World

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Our Approach

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Trig Point Consulting is a modern independent consultancy focused on strategy, technology and business transformation.

We work with organisations to help them make technology work for their business, to realise their strategic vision and purpose. This takes many forms including overcoming challenges, tackling ambitious projects, rationalising for change, pivoting the business model elevating the customer experience. Ultimately, we strive to help our clients adapt their communication technologies to keep connected to their customers, colleagues, partners and suppliers.

Drawing on over 25 years expertise spanning unified communications, contact centres, cloud migration and digital transformation we are ideally positioned to help organisations cost effectively connect with their customers and unify their communication experience.

Working across multiple industries allows us to access new ideas, concepts and evolve our problem-solving skills to deepen our experience and knowledge to help us formulate innovative achievable outcomes for our client projects.

At Trig Point Consulting we offer our clients stability in a changing world, exactly as a trig point does to an adventurer tackling a mountain summit.

We help our clients communicate, thrive and transform

We do what is right for our clients, for their people and their customers

We bring the right people with the right experience together

Our Services

We operate differently to other consultancies. For us it is not just a project. It is about personally building trust, caring about the successful outcome, and taking pride in and valuing the partnership we create between client and consultant. We do what is right for our clients, their staff, customers and partners.

Audit & Discovery We approach audits & discoveries with an open inquisitive analytical mindset allowing us to truly understand how and why communication takes place in your organisation. Read more
Setting Strategy We set the communication strategy with a supporting realistic technology roadmap, change management plan and sound business case. Read more
Solution Design We can provide the structure, guidance, expert input and above all freedom to design your solution to meet your project needs. Read more
Procurement Management We manage the procurement process and support the client in ensuring risks within the procurement stage are reduced. Read more
Project Management Implementation and Project Management of the technology and change plan for the client’s communication strategy. Read more
Digital Optimisation We work with our clients to align and optimise their technologies to meet the changing needs of their customers demands. Read more
Business Guide We can provide you with a dedicated Lead Consultant who is available to provide ongoing support, guidance and facilitate the enablement of your business/organisation. Read more