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Customer experience strategy that delivers

Reliable, efficient customer experiences lead to satisfied customers, positive referrals and ultimately, a flourishing business. Although the theory is obvious, the hike towards perfecting your customer experience strategy could seem like an arduous trudge ahead with an unclear starting point. This is where our partnership begins.

We approach our consultancy and propose strategies that put people, processes, and suitable technology at the forefront of each recommendation we make. Each new project we manage is personalised to your industry and business. We determine and project manage the most effective solutions, from initial journey mapping to total digital transformation to improve customer experience.

At Trig Point Consulting, we take the time to listen to your overall vision as this, together with your success, is what drives us. With a full understanding of your goal in sight, we use data analytics and apply over 25 years of expertise to craft a clear-cut strategy to deliver unparalleled customer engagement and experience.

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Our approach to enhancing customer experience


Getting to the heart of matters. We take the time to build a clear picture of current internal processes, data insights, digital assets, security systems and who your customers are alongside the ambitions of your business.


Here’s where we pull on our experience and informed knowledge of modern technologies to outline a tailored strategy. We will develop a clear-cut plan and outline technology specifications to build the business case and ensure that the path ahead has no pitfalls.


With the summit of your project now in plain sight, our project management specialists will equip you with risk mitigation, budget controls, procurement support, analytical models, and change management to lead you to the pinnacle of your objectives.


Technologies are always evolving. Once the mountain is climbed and your goals are achieved, it can be tricky to stay at the top. With post-live assessment, business enablement and optimisation, we progress with feedback of the journey into the next phase.

Sustainable customer experience transformation

The demands of modern communication are ever-changing. Improving customer experience (CX) requires an informed, multifaceted approach that leverages technology and strategic initiatives to keep up with the rapidly evolving landscape.

A well-executed strategy is crucial in today’s competitive business world. By consistently providing exceptional experiences that resonate with your customers, it can differentiate you from others and foster customer loyalty.

By prioritising exceptional CX, companies can stand out, meet elevated customer expectations, adopt a customer-centric approach, increase customer satisfaction, build brand loyalty, and ultimately drive business success in a crowded marketplace.

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Why trust Us?

We’re more than just a consultancy, we offer independent advice and project management services, with people, technology, and processes at the heart of everything we do.

We are your trusted partner on the journey of transformation and aspire to guide you to the peak of your business potential.


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Specialist customer experience consultants

We’re not just consultants. We are collaborators, partners, and catalysts for your customer experience success. Not only can we independently advise you with skilled project implementation, we can drive change within your organisation and make your business stand out in the industry.

Here are some key services we explore within our CX consulting process:

Our independent experts have built up years of specialist experience and honed their craft working on CX projects across a broad spectrum of industries. As a result, we have access to the best suppliers and forged excellent relationships with a range of providers to ensure your CX project is implemented seamlessly. We are your trusted, informed partner who can navigate you across the intricate terrain of a complete customer experience overhaul and set you apart from competitors.

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What is customer experience transformation?

Our expertise consultancy for improving customer experience involves customer journey mapping, enhancing connectivity, personalised services, providing seamless omnichannel engagement, and utilising technologies like AI and chatbots for automation. It also includes data security, predictive analytics, efficient billing, quality customer support, Internet of Things (IoT) integration, streamlined processes, compliance, and continuous monitoring for ongoing improvement.

Digital transformation is a means through which your company can optimise its operations, leverage data, and employ technology to create a more customer-centric approach. A successful digital transformation can result in an improved, seamless, and personalised customer experience, which can lead to higher customer satisfaction, loyalty, and business success.

Involving us in your customer experience (CX) management can offer several benefits, including cost savings, over 25 years’ worth of industry knowledge, scalability for future demands, and a tailored focus on your core business activities. By entrusting CX management to the experts, you can often achieve higher customer satisfaction, more efficient operations, and the ability to adapt to changing customer needs while you focus on important business demands.

Each project’s timeframe depends on the scale of the business, what your desired outcomes are and the different technologies that need to be engaged. If you’re concerned about time frames, the best thing to do is to have an initial no-obligation consultation with us so we can gain a better understanding of your goals and explore options to fit your needs.

At Trig Point, we put emphasis on our commitment to place people, processes, and technology at the heart of every consulting decision we make. We understand that in today’s world, these three elements are the driving forces behind successful enterprises. We find this continues to deliver success for our clients and results in consistent client referrals.

Not only that, but we’re a personable group and our passion is communication – so you can expect us to cut through complicated jargon. We’ll put simplified roadmaps in place for the most complex of tasks and be the trusty guide that leads you to the summit of your project.

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