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Streamlined, efficient, unified communications

With the increasing shift to agile and flexible working, the demand for good communication to match this new working culture has never been higher. Yet, finding an appropriate cloud-based solution to integrate a multitude of communication tools and services into a single, unified platform, can seem like a mountain to climb.

An obvious lack of available clear direction for starting a company-wide unified communications as a service (UCaaS services) project, means that we strive to offer reliable expertise and guidance on your UCaaS journey to see your business thrive.

Our practical knowledge of mapping out strategies and implementing UCaaS telecom, video and collaboration services spans a range of working environments including professional services, charities, healthcare and contact centres to name a few. Over 25 years of hands-on experience enables us to clearly see obstacles that need to be overcome to allow for the seamless application of the most suitable technologies.

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Our approach to unified communications


Getting to the heart of matters. We take the time to build a clear picture of current internal processes, data insights, digital assets, security systems and who your customers are alongside the ambitions of your business.


Here’s where we pull on our experience and informed knowledge of modern technologies to outline a tailored strategy. We will develop a clear-cut plan and outline technology specifications to build the business case and ensure that the path ahead has no pitfalls.


With the summit of your project now in plain sight, our project management specialists will equip you with risk mitigation, budget controls, procurement support, analytical models, and change management to lead you to the pinnacle of your objectives.


Technologies are always evolving. Once the mountain is climbed and your goals are achieved, it can be tricky to stay at the top. With post-live assessment, business enablement and optimisation, we progress with feedback of the journey into the next phase.

Unified communications solutions with business benefits

From initial discussions to forming a bespoke strategy and from project delivery to installation refinement, we can provide independent recommendations and guide you on as much of the UCaaS process as you need to successfully realise your vision.

Along with enhancing your communications by providing consistent and integrated experiences across multiple channels and devices, you could look forward to the following benefits of unified communications:

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Why trust Us?

We’re more than just a consultancy, we offer independent advice and project management services, with people, technology, and processes at the heart of everything we do.

We are your trusted partner on the journey of transformation and aspire to guide you to the peak of your business potential.


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Your success is fundamental to all that we do

After understanding what’s in place with our initial discovery session, we will advise on the UCaaS solutions that are best fitted to your workforce and company culture, which also meet the demands of your customers.

Our extensive portfolio includes working on cloud migration, agile and flexible working changes, consolidation of telecoms estates, cost reduction and roadmap planning.

As an independent consultant, we can recommend the most suitable technologies that will enhance your business and accomplish your objectives. We have worked with the leading vendors in the industry, including MS Teams, RingCentral, 8×8, Mitel, AVAYA and Cisco. We have deployed unified communications projects with all these providers and enabled huge results in efficiency and cost-savings.

What are unified communications?

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is a term that represents a cloud-based solution for combining communication methods, enabling more efficient remote working and facilitating better collaboration between both the workforce and with customer interactions. UCaaS combines a variety of communication tools and services such as email, instant messaging, CRM systems and telecoms, all within a unified platform.

Some of the benefits of streamlining your communication tools with unified communications can be:

  • Improved productivity and reduced frustrations
  • Better customer response times and experience
  • Enhanced collaboration within businesses of all sizes
  • Significantly reduced costs
  • Easy voice communication (VoIP) services that allow internet calling, voicemails and conference calling
  • Convenient instant messaging, chat and presence indicators for quick communication
  • Video conferencing for time-saving meetings for flexible workers
  • Mobile access for staying connected away from the desk
  • Integration with emails and productivity apps such as calendars and CRM systems to project manage and collaborate seamlessly
  • Sustainable scalability for growth, ownership of adding, amending and removing users in response to corporate changes
  • Responsibility for enhanced security and regulation compliance lies with the UcaaS provider

We have been instrumental in generating huge success for our clients, meeting their objectives for cloud migration, consolidation of telecoms estates, agile and flexible working company changes, cost reduction and road mapping projects.

With both our consultancy and project management services, we have worked with industry-leading providers, including MS Teams, RingCentral, 8×8, Mitel, AVAYA and Cisco, delivering solutions across a diverse range of industries.

Our portfolio of effective unified communications projects spans across several different industries and all our work comes from glowing referrals.

Discover the sectors we’ve collaborated with to find out about our past projects, or book an initial consultation to hear it directly from us.

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