Specialist digital transformation in housing associations

Accomplishing digital transformation in housing associations see results.

Tackling digital transformation in housing associations can seem like a huge task. As independent consultants, we’re here to show you the best ways to bring your project to life.

Improving the way you work, making processes effective, and making sure the customer’s experience is central to all improvements are at the heart of our recommendations. With clear direction from us, you can expect to benefit from efficient, tenant-focused operations and cost reductions from having the most appropriate technology in place.

We can help you become accessible to your tenants with their preferred method of communication, migrate your telephone system to a cloud-based solution, or improve the whole of your customer experience.

Our reliable consulting shows you the best way to transform your existing technologies and give you a clear route toward success.

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Pioneering digital transformation in social housing

With people, processes, and technology central to everything we do, our expert team guides you with real-world information and unbiased recommendations. We help you to embrace digital changes and elevate all aspects of your business.

Set your sights high and we’ll map a clear course towards achieving tenant satisfaction with better platforms for payments, maintenance, and communication. In addition, you can benefit from reduced costs, better collaboration tools, optimised staff time, and staying ahead of the game with compliance.

Our project management and procurement services are proficient in overcoming obstacles and allow for seamless implementation, empowering you to adapt to the changing demands of the market.

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Why trust Us?

We’re more than just a consultancy, we offer independent advice and project management services, with people, technology, and processes at the heart of everything we do.

We are your trusted partner on the journey of transformation and aspire to guide you to the peak of your business potential.


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How can digital transformation benefit housing associations?

By choosing appropriate new providers and implementing new technologies, you can expect a wealth of benefits with digital transformation.

Our consultancy helps you to streamline administrative tasks which reduces manual workload and releases staff to focus on more specialised work. Enhanced communication methods allow for better internal collaboration, remote working, and tenant relationships. Compliance and reporting are taken care of by your provider and your services are easily scalable to your business demands. Digital transformation within property maintenance, asset management and Internet Of Things integration can predict issues before they arise. Alongside all this, you can discover detailed data insights to understand where further improvements can be made to benefit the business.

All these improvements will contribute to better efficiency and cost savings.

Your success and targets are central to everything we do.

By listening, asking the right questions, and reviewing your current systems, we uncover the big picture. With extensive experience, we draw on our past experiences and knowledge of technology to provide you with the best resolutions.

Our strategy for digital transformation projects has people at its heart, ensuring that every step keeps efficiency and user experience at the forefront.

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Effective management of challenges and project risks is factored into the strategy we set out and this proactive approach ensures a timely delivery.

From the outset, we flag areas where challenges might arise, assess their significance, and formulate mitigation plans for the most critical ones. With continuous monitoring and communication with the project team and stakeholders during the project’s lifecycle, we can detect emerging challenges and adapt our workflow appropriately. Regular progress reviews and transparent communication are both crucial to keeping the project on track and enabling a timely delivery.


“We engaged with Trig Point Consulting to initially help with the procurement of a new Customer Contact solution. This was a key part of our Digital Transformation programme and Richard’s knowledge and experience within this field was invaluable in ensuring we selected the right solution that provided value for money. The implementation of this formed part of a programme called Customer Connect, which not only focused on technology but also culture, processes, and structure. We felt Richard was best placed to programme manage this, working closely with Key Stakeholders, subject matter experts and the Project Management Office, to deliver this mission critical development for Westward.

Richard has great interpersonal skills and has the unique ability to understand what the IT should be capable of, how to set up a contact centre to maximise performance and deliver great customer service. He provided effective project management skills and knowledge and has the ability to challenge both internal concepts and suppliers in terms of cost functionality and timescales”.

Mick Capern, Assistant Director of Transformation, Westward Housing Group

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