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Authentic project management consulting

Propel your project forwards in partnership with trusted experts.

Our consultancy services don’t have to end at the point of strategy and business case proposals. Choosing our project managers to assist you in implementation will ensure all new technology and processes are not just delivered on time and within budget, but any obstacles met are efficiently overcome with sound, honest expertise.

Having deployed transformation and migration projects across a variety of industries, we understand every organisation needs a unique approach. We foster strong partnerships with our clients founded on trust and a shared passion for success to execute tailored solutions.

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Our approach to enhancing project management


Getting to the heart of matters. We take the time to build a clear picture of current internal processes, data insights, digital assets, security systems and who your customers are alongside the ambitions of your business.


Here’s where we pull on our experience and informed knowledge of modern technologies to outline a tailored strategy. We will develop a clear-cut plan and outline technology specifications to build the business case and ensure that the path ahead has no pitfalls.


With the summit of your project now in plain sight, our project management specialists will equip you with risk mitigation, budget controls, procurement support, analytical models, and change management to lead you to the pinnacle of your objectives.


Technologies are always evolving. Once the mountain is climbed and your goals are achieved, it can be tricky to stay at the top. With post-live assessment, business enablement and optimisation, we progress with feedback of the journey into the next phase.

Advanced agile programme management

Supporting cultural change and delivering continuous improvement through engaged teams and accountability.

We adapt our consulting and project management model to encompass your organisation’s unique objectives and prioritise the needs of both teams and customers. By balancing agile and traditional waterfall project management styles, we offer you complete flexibility whilst managing risks effectively and staying focused on your business demands.

The way we work with you encourages continuous feedback and adjustments, inspires cross-functional teams, and promotes transparent communication. This is all underpinned by our personalised stewardship and robust project planning which combine to ensure timely project delivery and success.

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Why trust Us?

We’re more than just a consultancy, we offer independent advice and project management services, with people, technology, and processes at the heart of everything we do.

We are your trusted partner on the journey of transformation and aspire to guide you to the peak of your business potential.


in approach




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realise your project ambitions

For over 25 years we have been guiding digital transformations and legacy system upgrades across a diverse range of sectors. This in-depth experience enables us to navigate your project with unbiased recommendations and instinctive solutions.

Our approach is founded on six key principles: leadership, governance, collaboration, risk management, budget control, and embracing change. You can be sure that we will confidently lead and optimise the value of your project, highlight and mitigate risks, and ensure your organisation’s objectives are realised efficiently and without conflict.

Working closely with you, we can make cost savings, secure the most suitable providers, and implement operational strategies that will peak your business productivity.

What is agile project management?

Agile working is a flexible and customer-centric approach that prioritises collaboration, embraces change, and delivers incremental value through self-organised teams. It encourages open communication, adapts to evolving requirements, and divides projects into manageable iterations for continuous value delivery.

Outsourcing project management offers a wealth of advantages. Having the element of cost-efficiency as an objective of the whole project is one thing, but access to experienced expertise can also save you from the time and expense of costly mistakes.

Our involvement can let you focus on your core business activities whilst you are saved administrative burdens. You can gain access to expensive tools that would otherwise be unattainable and be confident that risk mitigation and quality assurance are being overseen by a professional.

Our portfolio of effective project management spans several different industries and all our work comes from glowing referrals.
Discover the sectors we’ve collaborated with to find out about our past projects or book an initial consultation to hear it directly from us.

We have created a hybrid approach to project management, combining agile and traditional waterfall to get the best out of both methods and adapt to the specific demands of the project and the needs of the organisation.

To achieve your project outcomes, we set out the appropriate strategy in our initial framework based on our six key principles: leadership, governance, collaboration, risk management, budget control, and embracing change.

We aim to strike a balance that maximises project efficiency and flexibility while ensuring that project objectives are met on time and within scope.

Effective management of project risks is factored into the strategy we set out and this proactive approach ensures a timely delivery.

From the outset, we identify potential risks, assess their significance, and formulate mitigation plans for the most critical ones. With continuous monitoring and communication with the project team and stakeholders during the project’s lifecycle, we can detect emerging risks and adapt our workflow appropriately. Regular progress reviews are crucial to keeping the project on track and enabling a timely delivery.

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