Who We Are

About us

Trig Point Consulting was founded by Richard Betts in 2019 at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The launch of our services was a timely response to the distinct lack of impartial telecoms guidance for organisations that depended on it. The market was crying out for independent advice and project management to help them adapt quickly to the new way of working. 

Since the pandemic, the high demand to streamline and improve communication technologies has meant we have grown rapidly.

Whilst our consultancy services started with telecoms and switching over legacy infrastructures to modern systems, we’re now a comprehensive team of professionals, equipped to give direction on, and project manage, digital communication improvements or launches, cloud migration, security services and more.

At Trig Point, we’ll get to the crux of your company’s objectives, acting as the conduit between your organisation’s strategy and technology and enabling you to reach the pinnacle of performance.  By understanding company culture and workflows, we enable seamless transitions that deliver impactful results, make cost savings, and improve both the efficiency of delivery and customer experience.


We’re a naturally adventurous group, which makes us that little bit different.

Our company name and logo are inspired by trig points that mark the highest point of a location in the outdoors – because we care about our clients reaching the top of their potential.

We take pride in building trusting working partnerships and spend time getting to the source of an organisation’s pain points in terms of both processes and technology. By doing this, we pinpoint data-led solutions that put business goals, staff and customers at the heart of transformations.

Drawing on more than 25 years of experience and a network of collective expertise, we’ll assist you over obstacles and allocate you a team of dedicated specialists to guide you across any unsteady terrain.

Our passion is communication, so you can expect us to cut through complicated jargon, put forward simplified roadmaps in place for the most complex of tasks and be the trusty guide that leads you to the summit of your project.

Our values and consultancy model

Our experts will guide you through processes, navigate obstacles and empower your company to achieve the peak of its potential with sustainable and efficient operations, that are cost-effective.

Our services are delivered with data-driven changes centred around people, processes, and technology.


Although our recommendations are data-driven, all our suggestions are based on the needs of people. Whether that means improving customer experience, easing staff frustrations, or equipping a team to become more efficient, we are committed to putting forward changes that improve experiences.

We thrive on a challenge and aspire to bring people together to provide a service that offers transparency, brings your vision to life, and ultimately initiates success.

With analytical minds, our team encompasses a diverse spectrum of knowledge and can clearly identify improvements to processes and facilitate project management to bring about positive change.

Building on your company strategy, we’ll put forward a business plan and outline a straightforward roadmap to provide long-lasting results for your organisation.



At Trig Point, our network of experts is passionate about technology and keeping on top of evolving developments and potential solutions. Having seen countless setups and procedures, we aspire to provide the most effective solutions.

As independent consultants, we hold loyalty only to our customers. Having overseen countless setups and procedures, we offer integrity by suggesting the most effective and modern systems to improve efficiency.