About Us

What we do

Trig Point Consulting is a modern independent consultancy focused on strategy, technology, business enablement and transformation.

We work with organisations to help them enable technology to work for their business, supporting the realisation of their strategic vision and purpose. This takes many forms including overcoming challenges, tackling ambitious projects, rationalising for change, pivoting the business model and elevating the customer experience. Ultimately, we strive to help our clients adapt their communication technologies to keep connected to their customers, colleagues, partners and suppliers.

Our company name and logo is based on a Trig Point which you might have seen in the outdoors. A Trig Point is a fixed reference point marking the highest point in the landscape. Trig Points are one of the few constants in the dynamic outdoor environment. They are always there for an adventurer, sharing your celebrations as you conquer the summit, a reference point in poor visibility, a shelter in hostile weather and a focus for your objectives.

Drawing on over 25 years expertise spanning unified communications, contact centres, cloud migration and digital transformation, we are ideally positioned to help organisations cost effectively connect with their customers and unify their communication experience.

Working across multiple industries allows us to access new ideas, concepts and evolve our problem-solving skills to deepen our experience and knowledge to help us formulate innovative achievable outcomes for our client projects.