Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

The definition of digital transformation has become increasingly blurred, resulting in a different digital experience for stakeholders, leadership teams, operational staff and customers. The fluid nature of the digital sphere is constantly changing the relationship between people, process and technology of choice. The COVID-19 pandemic has been a catalyst, fast tracking the rapid acceleration of digital change.

Leadership teams across public and private sector organisations know they must implement a digital strategy, and they are. Positively, digital strategies are making it to the proof of concept test phase, but few seem to manage the climb out of testing to reach live production status. The compelling reasons for needing a digital strategy are usually the exact forces which led to false starts and project failure.

We are living in a world of constant change, relentless evolution of technology (Moore’s Law), competitive market challenges, regulatory pressures and an unpredictable global economy. IT teams within organisations are increasingly stretched with high project loads and the pressures of managing day to day IT Operations in a busy department. At Trig Point we are here to help.

Our independent Consultants are available to support you on your digital transformation journey. We offer a range of services, experience and working models to guide you through the digital fog to help you realise your digital strategy summit.

We operate differently to other consultancies by blending our clients’ people, processes and technologies with an optimistic, yet pragmatic, methodical approach to help our clients communicate, thrive and transform in today’s new digital world.

Our Digital Transformation model is founded on four pillars consisting of some of our key services:

We need to understand where we are, what we have (digital assets), what we are we doing (analytical data), how we do it (processes), what we need to achieve (business strategy and goals), what our customers want and how they want to engage with us

Define our strategy, build the business case, create our technology specification and plan our digital roadmap

Project management approach, risk mitigation, budget controls, procurement support, analytical models, change support and delivery

Post live assessment against digital strategy objectives, business enablement and optimisation with feedback into the next phase

For us it is not just a project. It is about personally building trust, caring about the successful outcome, taking pride in and valuing the partnership we create between client and consultant.  We do what is right for our clients, their people, their customers and partners.

Above all, we love coming to work and adapting to fit into our clients’ culture and realising their vision and purpose. For us, our clients and their success are central to everything we do.

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