We help Housing Associations find solutions to manage the diverse range of communication needs supporting tenants, enabling flexible working for staff often over a wide geographical area and gaining service insight to making informed decisions.

Embracing Digital Transformation is the next step to improve the communication experience across the Housing Association. Small changes such as offering tenants the option to make contact on a medium (social, text, email, voice, video) of their preferred choice helps remove barriers and embrace an accessible organisation. We work with the organisation to scope, define, prepare the business plan, plan the change programme and implement their Digital Transformation Agenda.

Migrating from an on premise telephone system to a cloud based service possibly with different technology partners is now a very feasible solution which provides Housing Associations with multiple operational, governance, business continuity and commercial benefits. The reality of a truly agile workforce empowered to work any place, any time on any device securely is now possible.

Balancing excellent customer engagement while managing financial budgets is a key challenge. Our consultative approach of aligning people, process and technology helps find efficient ways of working and harnessing technology to maximise the Return on Technology investment.

As an independent consultancy we are appointed as trusted advisors on project boards to guide and support in the delivery of new technology initiatives. The insight we gain by being an independent outsider, reviewing how an organisation communicates and works can make the difference to realising the outcomes expected from a project.

Our work in the Housing sector is summarised below:

  • Prepare a cloud migration strategy to shift from an on premise telephone service to a cloud UC service (MS Teams).
  • Cloud Contact Centre (CCaaS) migration strategy creation and procurement engagement.
  • Telecoms strategy and delivery to support the consolidation and standardisation of voice services across a rapidly growing Housing Association.
  • Contact Centre Strategy to support MS Teams integration.
  • ISDN to SIP consolidation and migration.
  • Voice enablement of MS Teams.