Audit & Discovery

Audit & Discovery

Our deep understanding and research into our clients’ businesses allows us to make recommendations that are unique and relevant to the company, and which help our clients tackle their biggest challenges and realise their vision.

We approach audits and discoveries with an open, inquisitive and analytical mindset, allowing us to truly understand how and why communication takes place in your organisation.

Our audit services provide the clarity needed to accurately understand the finer details of your current communications estate, including clarity on exactly what services you are consuming and how much the services truly cost your organisation.

The range of audits and discovery sessions we offer, either as part of a transformation project or for a specific investigation, are listed below:

  • Audit of current services
  • Billing analysis
  • Service review
  • Business Process Mapping
  • Business process review
  • Business and user needs’ analysis
  • GAP analysis
  • Identify dependencies, risks and barriers to change

Having the confidence that you have an accurate, impartial and detailed understanding of your current communications processes and estate is vital to defining your business/user needs. This is one of the primary critical success factors in realising the outcomes of any strategy design, contract renegotiation or technology project.